About the Artist

Brenda Mills Brannan

I love the imperfections of nature’s designs.

After college I earned a living doing architectural design and illustration. The work was challenging and it taught me how to be detailed and precise. It wasn’t enough. I found myself constantly distracted by the ‘outdoors.’ I was drawn to the beauty of natural abstraction. Each element of nature had its own design and uniqueness.

I gave in to this romance with the natural world. Deciding to move away from rendering buildings, I chose instead to express what I experience as beautiful and relevant in nature. I have a passionate and spiritual reaction to nature. And I paint my subjects in an attempt to recreate that emotional truth and excitement.

I paint primarily with water media because I love its transparent quality, vibrant colors and unpredictability. My background has taught me to be detailed. Water media, and some mixed media, have allowed me to combine my tendency toward detail with a more spontaneous result. Spirited interpretations of such things as birds, people, grape vines, etc., are somewhat realistic yet ethereal. I’ve grown to believe detail is less important than composition, light, and good design. My technique is often meticulous, sometimes playful and less controlled, but always a celebration of life.

Celebration, as well as connection with nature, happen for me when I successfully express what I am attempting to paint…and to share…a soul connection. My paintings are passionate interpretations of nature.


~ Brenda Mills Brannan

Brenda Mills Brannan

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